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15, she/her
infp, leo, 4w9

hi i am ducky, i like drawing & anime & stuff, enjoy my segc carrd (・ω<)☆

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soul eater, jojo's bizarre adventure, black butler, saiki k, attack on titan, majin tantei nougami neuro, cute high earth defense club, hetalia, vinland saga, kuuchuu buranko, mr osomatsu, banana fish, haikyuu, mob psycho 100, south park, popee the performer, clone high, demon slayer, yuri on ice, ouran high school host club, tamako market, etc.


gorillaz, mafumafu, 100 gecs, neru, survive said the prophet, twenty one pilots, other vocaloid, etc.


danganronpa, minecraft, persona 4, your turn to die, project diva, animal crossing new leaf, tomodachi life, fnaf, webkinz, tattletail

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maka is my #1 ♡
my beautiful bestie
F you if you don't like her /j
。゜゜(´O`) ゜゜。

sorry theres 5000 of them
they are my shmoochkins
also this isn't all of them i just don't have room

my fav sanrio characters r little twin stars, hello kitty and keroppi

my fav acnl characters are camofrog, tank, beardo, puddles, butch, and etoile

not a character but i also love furbys

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do not interact

+ basic DNI criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.)
+ are a p*dophile/defend them
+ don't support BLM
+ fetishize mlm/wlw relationships
+ proship
+ use slurs you can't reclaim
+ follow am 🤢 /j

i dont have any triggers
but don't send gross stuff and don't say really weird things i guess lol